11 Things Sigma Males Never Tolerate From Women

Writed by: James Carron 179 Views Posted at 03/08/2023

Many men let things slide; they nod their heads, smile, and keep quiet. While this may keep the peace, it’s not always healthy. Sigma males are a different breed; they’re the kind of guys who won’t just put up with anything and everything. They may look calm and reserved on the surface, but when it comes to certain things, they have zero tolerance. It’s not about being difficult or stubborn; it’s about having self-respect and boundaries. They won’t hesitate to cut ties with someone who consistently shows disrespect towards them. While some men might put up with these behaviors, here are 11 things Sigma men never tolerate from women.

1. Flattering them when she has a hidden motive.

Many women believe that flattery is the key to manipulating a man’s thoughts, but Sigma males are not easily influenced. They are like puzzle boxes that only open when you know the right combination. So while compliments might work on other men, they don’t work on sigmas. They can sense when the compliments aren’t genuine and when there’s a hidden agenda behind the sweet talk. Sigma males value authenticity; they can tell when someone is trying to manipulate them, and they hate it.

Flattery with hidden motives is like trying to sell a fake painting to an art expert; it won’t work and will only make them lose respect for her. While a sigma may appreciate genuine compliments, he won’t tolerate insincere flattery. He doesn’t like feeling like he’s being played, even if it’s just for a little ego boost. They prefer honesty and dislike being used as a means to an end. Trapping with sweet words is just not going to work on a sigma.

2. Dictating their finances or telling them how to spend their money.

How many times have we seen relationships where she controls his finances, even if he’s not comfortable with it? She will tell him what to buy, how much to spend, and when. It’s like having a test for every single purchase. While it’s not bad to let her know what you’re spending your money on or manage finances together, looking in her eyes for approval every time you buy something can take its toll on any man.

Sigma males don’t like to be controlled, especially when it comes to their finances. They are responsible and independent, and they don’t need someone else telling them how to manage their money. They will not tolerate a partner who tries to dictate their spending or makes them feel guilty for buying things they enjoy. While Sigma may be open to discussions and compromise, he will never allow someone else complete control over his finances.

Sigma Male with women

3. Making assumptions about their thoughts and feelings.

Many women tend to assume what their partner thinks or feels. They may believe they know their partner so well that they can read their minds, so they act upon these assumptions without actually asking. This can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. While some men may let it slide, Sigma males won’t tolerate this behavior. They value clear communication and expect their partner to ask for clarification rather than assuming things.

Sigma appreciates directness and honesty; they don’t like playing guessing games. If there’s something on their mind, they want their partner to ask them directly instead of jumping, especially if it involves making important decisions. They won’t tolerate someone who thinks they know them better than they know themselves. They will ensure their thoughts and feelings are heard and understood rather than assumed.

4. Being treated as just an option instead of a priority.

They don’t accept being a backup plan, a side gig, or a second choice. They stand up for themselves and demand respect. Being treated as just an option instead of a priority feels like a slap in the face, a big red flag. They won’t stick around waiting for her to figure out if they’re the one she wants. They know their worth and won’t settle for being a plan B. Sigma males may be independent and value their alone time, but that doesn’t mean they want to be treated as an afterthought.

They won’t tolerate being put on the back burner or feeling like they are just another option in someone’s life. They want a partner who will prioritize them just like they would do for her. They won’t settle for being treated as an accessory or an option to fill someone’s time. If she can’t give them the respect and attention they deserve, the sigma won’t hesitate to walk away.

5. Constant criticism.

No one likes to be put down constantly, and it’s no different for Sigma males. Constant criticism from a partner can feel like a relentless attack on their character and can chip away at their self-esteem over time. Many men fall for women who are fixers; these women often point out flaws and try to change their partner instead of accepting them as they are. While some men may put up with it, Sigma males won’t tolerate being constantly criticized, especially if it’s not coming from a place of love and support. While these individuals may be open to constructive criticism, they absolutely dislike constant negativity and fault-finding.

They know their worth and will not let someone else make them feel small or inadequate. Sure, they may have flaws like anyone else, but no one wants to be with someone who constantly points them out. Life is not about perfection; it’s about growth and improvement. Belittling someone will only make them resentful and push them away, and sigma males won’t hesitate to walk away if the criticism becomes too much.

6. Emotional outbursts.

Emotional outbursts are like unexpected storms on a sunny day for Sigma males. These guys like peace and balance in their relationships, not sudden waves of anger or sadness. When someone often gets really upset or has extreme reactions, it’s hard for sigmas to understand or handle it. It’s not that these men don’t care about feelings; they deeply respect feelings and emotions, but what troubles them is when emotions are out of control, leading to shouting, crying, or hurtful words. They believe in talking things out calmly, understanding each other’s feelings, and finding solutions together.

They know that expressing emotions is healthy, but not when it becomes explosive and harmful. Sigma males want a stable and mature partner who can handle emotions in a healthy way. They don’t stick around for constant emotional outbursts that disrupt the peace in their lives. It is not about avoiding conflicts or suppressing emotions but handling them constructively.

7. Ignoring logic and reason.

Sigma males like to think things through; they use logic and reason to solve problems and make decisions. It’s like they have a mental toolbox, and these are their favorite tools. When a woman ignores or doesn’t use logic and reason, it’s like using a hammer to fix a watch; it just won’t work. For sigmas, this is something they can’t stand. They want to talk things out, not just act on feelings. Ignoring logic and reason can lead to problems and mistakes.

They respect women who think clearly and make smart choices. While they may be open to considering feelings, they won’t tolerate being with someone who constantly makes illogical or irrational decisions without thinking things through. It’s not about being right or wrong; it’s about finding the best solution for everyone involved. They want a partner who can meet them halfway and have rational discussions rather than just following their emotions.

Sigma Male with women (1)

8. Being controlled by social media’s beauty standards.

Everyone is special in their own way, and what makes a woman beautiful is not just how she looks on the outside but who she is on the inside. Sure, physical attraction is important to some degree, but many women think they have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful because of the pictures they see on social media. They may feel the pressure to conform to society’s narrow beauty standards, and this can lead to insecurities and low self-esteem. While some men may be okay with this, Sigma males won’t stay with someone who spends all their time and energy trying to imitate influencers and celebrities.

Exaggerating their looks with tons of makeup, filters, and editing apps won’t impress them either. This is a sign of insecurity, one that shows desperation for validation. A mentally mature woman loves herself for who she is, not what society tells her to be. This doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy makeup or dressing up, but it should come from a place of self-expression and fun, not pressure to conform. This is where most women get it wrong.

9. Inauthenticity.

While everyone puts their best foot forward in the beginning of a relationship, some people continue to put on a facade even after years together. Many people try to be someone they’re not, thinking it will make them more attractive or likable. So they put on a show, pretending to be someone they’re not to impress their partner. This can quickly become exhausting and disingenuous.

Sigma males value authenticity and will not tolerate someone who is being fake or insincere. It doesn’t take long for them to see her true colors, even if she’s been hiding them well. While they may appreciate confidence and self-awareness, they won’t tolerate someone who lies or exaggerates to make themselves appear better. Sure, everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, but lying about who they are or what they’ve done is a major deal-breaker for Sigma males. Where’s the point in being with someone who isn’t real?

10. Trying to change them into someone they’re not.

While some people may have good intentions, trying to change someone into who they want them to be will not sit well with Sigma males. Trying to mold someone into their ideal partner can be a sign of control or manipulation, and this is not something these guys take lightly. Whether she’s trying to change the sigma into her own version of an alpha male or trying to make him fit into her perfect picture, he doesn’t like it.

It’s not that sigmas are opposed to growth and change, but they want to do it on their own terms, not because someone else is forcing them to. Conditioning them to be a certain way not only goes against their individuality and independence but also shows a lack of respect. A healthy relationship is built on acceptance and support, not pressure to conform.

11. Dimming their intellectual spark.

When it comes to Sigma personality, intelligence and wit are major turn-ons. These individuals love a partner who can hold their own in conversations and share interesting ideas. They appreciate someone who challenges them intellectually and helps them see things from different perspectives. On the other hand, they won’t tolerate someone who tries to dumb themselves down or belittle their intelligence. It’s like putting out a fire that’s burning bright.

Of course, everyone has different levels of intelligence, but that doesn’t mean one should suppress it for the sake of making someone else feel comfortable. This kind of behavior can be seen as manipulative and shows a lack of confidence in oneself. It isn’t about being smarter or better; it’s about embracing one’s unique abilities and letting them shine.