8 GREAT Sigma Males of The History | Sigmas Who Set New Standards

Writed by: James Carron 103 Views Posted at 27/12/2023

There goes the saying, history is made by those who break the rules, and at least when it comes to the sigma males of history, this can definitely be considered true. The rarity of sigma males is one of their most well-known attributes, yet if we look to the past, we can see many examples of influential figures who definitely align with the qualities that make up a sigma male. These men changed the course of history with their fiercely independent attitudes and set new standards for the world by living according to their own set of rules. By looking into the past and learning about the exploits of history sigma males, we can shed light on the impact sigma males today can have on the future. Here are some of history’s most influential sigma males.

Edward Snowden

For some, Edward Snowden is a controversial figure. While some disagreed with his whistleblowing on the secret actions of the U.S. government against its citizens, many have hailed him as a paragon of free thinking and a martyr for the truth. Snowden, born in North Carolina in 1983, lived a largely normal life as a computer intelligence advisor until he was subcontracted by the CIA. When Snowden realized that the U.S. government was secretly spying on its citizens, he revealed this classified information to the world, forcing him into exile from the United States. Even when it went against the command of authority, Snowden acted like a true sigma male by sacrificing his own well-being in the belief that spreading the truth was more important than his own skin.

Lord Byron

menwisdomhub1-Lord Byron

Like many sigma males, Lord Byron earned himself a reputation as something of a maverick during his lifetime. He was a leading figure of the Romantic literary movement, which broke away from the mainstream and focused on individual experience, an embrace of isolation, and adventure. Byron lived a life totally unchained, making his way across Europe in a string of exploits, making famous friendships and writing along the way. Despite being an English lord, Byron traveled to Greece to fight against the Ottomans for Greek independence. To this day, Byron’s dedication to the idea of freedom sees him revered as a folk hero.


Epictetus was a philosopher and writer who was prominent in the ancient world and is best remembered as one of the key figures of Stoic philosophy. Born into slavery, Epictetus was single-minded in his desire to learn and convinced his wealthy Roman slave master to allow him to study Stoic philosophy. Leveraging his education, he earned himself his freedom and moved to Greece, where he founded a school of philosophy. Renowned for his simple way of living and dedication to learning, Epictetus embodies the sigma male spirit.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most well-known figures throughout all of history. Da Vinci was a man whose talents knew no bounds and who excelled at pretty much everything he put his mind to, from art to mathematics and invention. Da Vinci didn’t conform to what others expected of him and followed the methods that he saw fit, regardless of whether or not they broke with convention. His thinking outside the box attitude and penchant for deep reflection are two classic sigma male behaviors that lie behind da Vinci’s innovation.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei was an Italian mathematician and astronomer who revolutionized the overall approach to mathematical and scientific inquiry. Famous for going head-to-head with the Catholic Church for challenging their view of the world, Galileo’s contributions to science are countless. As a sigma male, Galileo had little interest in conforming to the wishes of mainstream society and instead was fully dedicated to pursuing his curiosity.

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca is one of the best-known military leaders in all of history. Born into a military family, Hannibal rose to prominence for his incredible tactical methods and ability to think outside of the box. Among his numerous famous victories is the famous crossing of the Alps with a legion of African war elephants, showcasing Hannibal’s sigma mindset.

Nikola Tesla

Pioneer of electrical engineering and namesake of Elon Musk’s electric vehicle-producing empire, Nikola Tesla was a man who held his own. Born in modern-day Croatia, Tesla found himself attracted to reading and learning, devouring large amounts of information primarily related to maths and physics. His dedication to his interests and livelihood, considering his work to be his partner in life, paved the way for many electrical devices we use today.

Marcus Aurelius

menwisdomhub1 - Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius Antonius was a Roman emperor who ruled over an era of relative peace and was regarded as one of the finest leaders that Rome had ever had. From an early age, Marcus Aurelius showed great passion for learning and quickly devoted himself to philosophy. His teachings still form the foundation of many sigma males’ outlooks on life. As a distinguished leader who maintained peace during a tenuous era of disease and war, Marcus Aurelius was a prime example of a sigma male.

These sigma males on this list each changed history in their own way and are a great example of how free thinking and the dedicated pursuit of one’s interests can be enough to change the way people think forever.