What Makes Sigma Men Excited? 10 Things Never Revealed

Writed by: James Carron 138 Views Posted at 03/08/2023

Sigma males are highly independent, and they tend to be reserved about sharing their feelings. Gifted with a strong sense of logic and boundless imagination, they bring innovative thinking to the forefront of their lives. Because they are introverts who love having the time and space to think and decompress, sigma males are also frequently described as arrogant, uncompromising, and even cold. But the truth is that sigma males are generally very sensitive, loyal, and open-minded. Because of this, many people wish to know more about what makes them tick and inspires them. Here are 10 things that sigma males find extremely stimulating and energizing.

Being alone in nature.

Sigma males have very busy analytical minds, and it can be easy for them to become disconnected from their environment. Sometimes, this results in stress because they suppress their inferior function for too long. One of the ways sigmas can combat this and still let their minds wander is by spending quiet time in a tranquil natural environment. Many sigmas like the peace and quiet of the mountains, the lakes, and the forests; all calm their busy minds and help them to focus and meditate on all that is possible and true and beautiful in the world.


While they enjoy companionship and music, sigma males also find themselves mentally enlivened by moments of silence. In fact, moments of complete sensory deprivation can cause their intuition to work with extra clarity and power. Many times, they get the clearest, deepest aha moments in periods of stillness, darkness, and complete solitude.


Sigma males are usually creative and innovative. They like to do things in new ways, and they enjoy expressing their ideas through entrepreneurship, artwork, innovation, writing, and more. Many famous entrepreneurs and innovators have been sigma males.


You might expect him to stay holed up in a dark corner all the time; however, it’s important for sigma males to take occasional breaks for adventure. Their inferior function is all about experiencing the external world in high definition. When stigmas don’t appease it, they can become poorly developed and out of balance. Taking occasional breaks to do something thrilling and interactive can inspire them and give them a burst of energy. This can be anything from deep-sea diving to trying new food or traveling to a new part of the world.

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Sigma males are skilled in the art of strategic thinking. They get a thrill from foreseeing future goals and moving the pieces around to achieve the desired outcome. The more complex the problem, the more excited they will be to find the solution.

The future.

Sigma males are intensely focused on the future. In fact, they enter a flow state when they envision the distant future. They use a process called introverted intuition as their dominant mental process. This process is all about extrapolating future implications, envisioning how various situations could play out, and predicting the most likely possibility. Using this process invigorates sigmas and helps them to feel alive and energized.


Sigma males thrive on independence and uncontrolled time. They enjoy having a regular time for themselves where they can let their mind wander, imagine, envision, and analyze. Being in a tranquil, quiet place gives them the mental space to delve into deeper thoughts and musings.

Intellectual conversation.

Sigma males enjoy deep conversations with intellectually curious individuals. They enjoy talking about philosophy, psychology, and a lot of the taboo subjects that many other people avoid. They enjoy asking questions, looking for answers, and understanding how other people see the world.


Sigma males tend to get bored if they aren’t mentally advancing and learning on a regular basis. Whether they’re developing their own video game or studying the nature of carnivorous plants, they like to absorb all kinds of random and varied bits of information.

Creating order out of chaos.

Sigma males are driven to create efficient and effective systems. They crave an organized, peaceful environment and are willing to work hard to create it. When other people are feeling flustered or without direction, they get a sense of satisfaction from organizing, delegating, and improving plans and systems so that they are more effective and productive.