Unlocking Destiny: 7 Signs You and Your Ex Are Meant to Be

Writed by: James Carron 130 Views Posted at 07/01/2024

After a difficult breakup, you may feel as if you have squandered your one opportunity at happiness. But the fact is that a breakup isn’t always the end of a relationship. In fact, research suggest that up to 60% of couples have split up and then remarried at some time. So let me tell you, you and your ex were meant to be together.

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So, let’s get started. Here are seven signals that you and your ex are destined to be together.

1. They like your family and vice versa.

Family is very essential and may have a significant effect on a long-term relationship. So, if you get along with their family and they get along with yours, you should give it another chance.
Family may be a source of contention or a source of strength and connection for many years. Not only that, but it’s a terrific predictor of the two of you’re compatibility.
As we all know, we tend to grow more like our parents as we get older, so if you know you get along with that version of your spouse, it won’t come as a surprise if they’ve become a bit more like their parents than they were when you first met.

2. You’re still in touch despite the split.

I often urge my clients to avoid contact with their ex-partners. This means no phone calls, text messages, or face-to-face meetings for at least 30 days after the breakup. This is the best strategy to get your ex back.
The time apart allows you both to process the split; it avoids more friction between the two of you; and it keeps you from being merely friends, which would be a HUGE mistake if you want them back. All of this being said, if you didn’t watch my videos on the subject and choose to remain friends with your ex, this might really be a positive indicator for your future together.
As I previously said, being friends with your ex is a horrible approach if you want to get back together, but the fact that you had a strong enough link that you COULD be friends indicates that you two may have a future together. Relationships that end abruptly leave you with little connection to the other person, almost as if the relationship never existed, are the polar opposite.
I’m sure you can recall someone from your past that you couldn’t believe you dated, much alone had a meaningful relationship with. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about or respect them; it simply means you’re so far apart now that it seems like another lifetime. The fact is that individuals evolve with time, and you may either grow together or grow apart.

3. You haven’t lost hope.

The fact is that a relationship dies when you stop trying to make it work, not when you split up. This phase may occur years before you two decide to call it quits for real, or it might occur months or years after you two have separated. The essential thing to remember is that if you can dream for a future together, it is an indication that the two of you are meant to be.
Obviously, if neither of you want to be reunited in the future, the odds of it occurring spontaneously are minimal. This is simply to state that trust is essential in this case. I wouldn’t encourage you to ignore your ex’s desires or harass them into giving you another opportunity. Just keep that hope alive inside you and utilize it to better yourself and strive for a future when you two may be together.
Because the minute you give up hope for the better, you’ll realize you and your partner have no future.

4. These were present in your relationship.

FIVE items. Here’s something more concrete: a significant report published recently by The National Academy of Sciences. This research examined 43 datasets from 29 different labs around the United States using machine learning.
This is a bit complicated, but it essentially comes down to: There are five key components of every relationship that indicate long-term success.

These are the aspects:
1. Perceived partner commitment: you had the impression that your spouse was dedicated to you in the long run, and vice versa.
2. gratitude: both you and your spouse felt and shown gratitude for the other.
3. Sexual fulfillment. You were able to keep your sex life joyful and healthy.
4. Perceived relationship satisfaction: you were aware that your spouse was content, and vice versa.
And, last, you handled dispute in a manner that drew you closer together rather than pushed you away.

Consider your connection. How did it fare in these categories?
Obviously, perceived partner commitment has suffered lately as a result of your breakup, but if your relationship was otherwise good, it seems to me that you two are meant to be. Because there are many long-term partnerships that are weak in ALL of these areas. Remember them as you go ahead, and if you are fortunate enough to be given a second opportunity, make sure you put in the effort to satisfy these five categories.

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5. You two have a strong physical attraction to one other.

Unfortunately, attraction decreases with time in long-term partnerships. This is why, after a time, we cease getting butterflies when we see that other person. This is quite normal.
These sensations develop into a deeper, more solid sort of love as you get to know one other better. So, the stronger your initial attraction, the stronger your relationship will be in the long term. Attraction is essential in every love connection, and if you’re not attracted to each other, I’m sorry to report that things aren’t meant to be. There are several methods for fostering attraction between you and another individual.
Something as basic as flirting may do wonders to restore the lost spark. And you can always work on reducing weight, enhancing your physique, and looking better. This will not only make you more appealing, but it will also make you feel more confident, compounding the impact. And if you’ve noticed that your attraction is fading in a relationship, the fact is that a breakup might really help rekindle those flames.
Because the more time you spend with, the more accustomed you grow to this other person. If you spend too much time together, no matter how attractive the two of you are, they will ultimately become familiar and uninteresting. You have a chance to miss each other now that you are apart.
This implies that when you meet again, you’ll experience the same electric charge you did the first time you saw each other. If this draw is strong enough, it indicates that the two of you are really meant to be.

6. The split was really difficult.

Sometimes a breakup is necessary to help us appreciate what we had in the first place. If your breakup has been especially tough to cope with, if you can’t eat, sleep, or get your mind off things, even weeks or months later, this is an indication that the two of you are meant to be.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by loss and feel as if you can’t go on, this is your mind reminding you that what you had was really unique and that it’s not over, regardless of what transpired between you. On the other side, if you felt a big feeling of relief after your breakup and discover you don’t miss them as much as you thought you would, this is a hint that moving on is the best decision for you.

7. They created the finest version of you.

Some individuals believe that your spouse should drive you to better yourself and achieve your objectives. Others believe that your relationship should provide you with comfort and allow you to be yourself. Both, in my opinion, are correct.
Someone you’re intended to be with will enable you to be your best self. So, if your spouse made you feel supported and comfortable while still allowing you to follow your aspirations and dreams, you’ve discovered a keeper and someone you should remain with in the long run. If you’re unsure if you feel this way, you probably don’t.

Because once you have this sensation, you’ll know it’s genuine and you’ll do everything to prolong it. That’s pretty much all for this list. What do you think? Do you believe you and your ex are destined to be together, or is it time to let go? If you need assistance figuring it out, please let me know.