7 Ways To Text Women Like A High Value Man

Writed by: James Carron 163 Views Posted at 03/08/2023

Ever felt your texts to women just vanish into the void? No sparks, no laughs, nothing. Texting can be a minefield, and one wrong step can mean game over. But what if I told you that texting can be your strongest ally in showing your high value? Stick around to transform your text game from hit or miss to hit after hit.

By the end of this article, you will learn the art of texting women in a way that not only captures but holds their attention and makes them eager for your next message.

1. Text with intent.

Every text you send should have a clear reason behind it. We’re not in the business of sending messages just to see our own words on the screen. Whether you’re setting up a date, checking in on her day, or just dropping a quick hello, there has got to be intent there. Think of your texts like arrows. Aimless shooting won’t get you anywhere but target your messages. Make them count, and you will hit the bull’s eye every time. And let’s be real, who doesn’t appreciate a conversation that actually goes somewhere? It’s like the difference between a movie with a gripping plot versus one where you’re just watching paint dry. Remember, women can sense when a conversation has substance, and they’re drawn to it. Meaningful dialogue, that’s attractive.

It shows you’re not just another guy filling up her inbox with the “Hey, what’s up?” texts that lead nowhere. So before you tap that send button, ask yourself, “What is my goal here?” Keep your texts purposeful, and you will stand out as someone who is not just talking but communicating. And that, my friend, is high-value texting, 100%.

2. Texting isn’t for problem-solving.

Ever found yourself in the middle of a text battle, trying to fix a problem or smooth over a disagreement? If that’s a yes, then you know exactly how it feels to watch a simple issue snowball into a full-blown text war. Texts are a lousy battlefield for conflict resolution. Why? Because texts strip away all the nuances of human communication. No tone, no facial expressions, just cold, hard text that’s ripe for misinterpretation. Misunderstandings are pretty much common when you’re trying to tackle tough issues via texts. It’s like trying to defuse a bomb with a hammer. It just blows right in your face. And let’s be honest, a high-value man knows when to switch tools. He knows that some conversations deserve the clarity that only a voice call or a face-to-face discussion can provide.

So when the waters get choppy, don’t reach for your keyboard. Pick up the phone or, better yet, arrange to meet up. You better find solutions and not add to the problem. And that’s how you handle conflicts like a high-value man, with the right tools and a cool head.

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3. Reply promptly.

If you’re thinking that waiting hours to reply will make you look mysterious or cool, let’s hit the brakes on that idea. Delaying your response on purpose, that’s not cool, it’s cold. And being cold is not the mark of a high-value man. When you’re genuinely busy, that’s one thing. Life happens, and everyone understands that. But if you’re staring at the phone thinking that playing the waiting game will up your stock, you’re actually doing the opposite. It comes off as disinterested, or to be fair, kind of rude.

Being prompt shows respect for the other person’s time and interest. It says, “I see you, I hear you, and you are worth my time.” That’s the kind of message you want to send to a woman. It’s about being considerate, and that’s a trait that is golden. So when that text comes in and you’re able to reply, go ahead and send that message. Keep the conversation flowing like a two-way street, not a roundabout.

4. Smart emoji use.

We all know that one person whose texts look like a sticker book, right? But when, say, you’re joking and without that winking face, your sarcasm might not land as you intended. Or maybe you want to show genuine enthusiasm without coming across as over the top. A simple smiley can do the trick. For instance, you text a woman, “Can’t wait to see you.” Without an emoji, it’s pretty standard stuff. But add a smiley face at the end, and suddenly it’s warm and personal. It says, “I am smiling as I think about it,” without you having to spell it out.

But if you’re in a serious or more professional chat, throwing in a bunch of emojis can backfire. Studies back this up and suggest that an overuse of emojis can actually make you look less genuine. It’s as if you’re hiding behind those little icons rather than standing by your words. Remember, a high-value man knows the power of subtlety and the importance of sincerity. Use emojis to enhance your message, not overshadow it. Let them highlight your sincerity, not question it.

5. Chat smartly.

Remember the class clowns from high school days? The ones who always had a joke at the ready, no matter if it hit the mark or not? They seemed to be the magnet for laughs and attention, especially from the girls. But guess what? Times have changed, and so has what women look for in a man. The act that used to draw crowds doesn’t quite cut it when you’re aiming to text like a man of high value. You see, if you’re still tossing out those one-liners and acting the jester in your texts, you might be missing the spot. Women are looking for someone who has got their act together, a potential partner who is mature, responsible, and yes, still knows how to have a good time. But it’s about balance.

If every message you send is trying too hard to be cool or funny, you’re just pushing her away. When you text, it’s your chance to show her that there is a brain behind those thumbs. You want your words to spark interest, to resonate, to make her pause and think, “This guy has got something to say.” And no, that doesn’t mean you need to be quoting Shakespeare or debating philosophy. Have a meaningful conversation that goes beyond just surface-level banter. For example, instead of just asking, “How was your day?” dive a little deeper with something like, “What was the highlight of your day and what made it stand out?” It shows you care about the details and are interested in her experiences, not just checking a box.

6. Don’t send long texts.

You’ve been there, right? You shoot off a quick text, and back comes a wall of text so epic you need to schedule some time just to tackle it. Yeah, those marathon messages that make you scroll for days and leave you hunting for the actual point. Honestly, it’s a bit too much. And when it comes to texting women, sending them a text that could double as a chapter of a book? Not a great move. When your message turns into a manuscript, it doesn’t scream, “I am thoughtful and deep.” It kind of just screams desperation.

It’s like you’re throwing every single thought at them, hoping something will stick. But that’s not how a high-value man operates. He knows his worth and knows that less is often more. So keep it concise. Your texts should be like a perfect tweet—short, engaging, and leaving them wanting more. That’s how you hold attention, not by flooding their inbox. Keep it short, keep it sweet, and keep it classy.

7. Psychology of texting.

First, let’s talk a bit about the psychology of texting, because let’s face it, there is a whole lot more going on in those quick messages than you might think. When you are texting, remember you are missing a huge part of human communication—no facial cues, no tone of voice. It is just you and the screen. For instance, someone says, “I am fine” in person, and you can catch that little quiver in their voice that tells you, “Hey, there is more to this.” But in a text, “I am fine” is a flatline that could mean anything from actually fine to “I am silently freaking out here.” So how do you bridge that gap? You’ve got to get creative. Emojis, those colorful little characters, can be your best friends here.

They add the emotion back into the equation. An exclamation mark can turn a mundane “yes” into an enthusiastic “yes.” And don’t even get me started on capitalization; it can be the difference between a whisper and a shout. When texting, you are actually painting a picture for someone who can’t see the scene. You have got to provide the context that your voice and face usually would. Without it, your message might just miss the mark.